Kent Weald Swim Squad (KWSS) Age Group & Youth Section: Purpose and Rationale

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Kent Weald S.S. was set up in Spring 2017 to include the following Associated Clubs (in addition to masters members and other age group and youth individual members):

  • Beachfield Swimming Squad – who are based in the Isle of Sheppey and train in Sheerness and Leysdown.
  • Gravesend and Northfleet Swimming Club – who are based in Gravesend and train in pools in Gravesend and Northfleet.
  • Tonbridge Swimming Club – who are based in Tonbridge and train in the Tonbridge and surrounding areas.

Tonbridge Swimming Club, Gravesend and Northfleet Swimming Club and Beachfield Swim Squad continue to flourish in their own names and unchanged from before but with the added benefits and opportunities offered by being formally associated with Kent Weald S.S.

That said, membership is open to anyone who wishes to join.

What Kent Weald S.S. offers / Why It Exists

It was identified that smaller, ambitious clubs sometimes lacked the numbers and commercial resources to achieve more success or offer the opportunities they thought their swimmers deserved.

Benefits include using the joint resources of clubs in a better / more coordinated / joined up / commercially efficient way to plan more:

  • Events
  • Swim clinics
  • Camps
  • Pool time
  • Long Course training

Kent Weald S.S. will enter selected swim events, sourcing swimmers from its membership, and thus being able to offer swimmers more opportunities.

It is important to understand that Kent Weald S.S. exists ultimately for the benefit of all swimmers and not just elite swimmers from each club.

The intention is to offer more opportunities than currently exist to all levels of swimmers and not compromise on any existing provision.

Please also check out our Masters Page. Any Age Group, Youth or Masters swimmer may join KWSS even if not a member of an Associated Club!

Obligations of clubs being Associated with Kent Weald S.S.

There are Bylaws that each Associated Club is asked to approve within their own constitution to energetically and actively promote:

  • more mutual opportunities to all members of Associated Clubs such as:
    • allowing cross training between clubs where space allows
    • offering places on clinics / LC training / camps etc… as possible
  • sharing of costs and effort
  • avoiding conflict


All members of Associated Clubs are entitled to free membership of Kent Weald S.S. on the basis that they retain their current membership of their first choice club and thus their Swim England registration. Anyone who wishes to join Kent Weald S.S. who does not retain a membership of another club (which pays their Swim England fees) will be charged a membership fee as agreed from time to time.

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