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LATEST NEWS: British Masters Championships 2018 – Role of Honour from Plymouth

A small team of 9 entered KWSS’ first team event: the British Championships at Plymouth in June 2018 winning; 6 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 1 bronze medal and coming 12th in the team rankings out of over 200 teams from all over Britain.

Six Gold Medals:
• James Pearson 70-74 yrs (x4): 800m free, 400m free, 200m free &100m free
• Glen Isaacs 50-54 yrs: 800m free
• Men’s 120 yrs+: 4x50m medley relay (Chris White, Calum Winton, Mariusz Barcikowski & Glen Isaacs)

Six Silver Medals:
• James Pearson 70-74 yrs (x2): 50m free & 50m fly
• Mariusz Barcikowski 40-44 yrs: 200m breast
• Men’s 200yrs+:
• 4x200m free relay (Glen Isaacs, Marisusz Barcikowski, James Pearson & Keith Roshier)
• Mixed 200 yrs+:
• 4x100m medley relay (Sam Petter, Mariusz Barcikowski, Kirsty Alfredson & James Pearson)
• 4x200m free relay (Glen Isaacs, Kirsty Alfredson, Keith Roshier & Sam Petter)

One Bronze Medal:
• Mixed 200 yrs+:
• 4x50m medley relay (Sam Petter, Keith Roshier, Danielle Ryan & James Pearson)

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If you want to join in on the success and are a Masters swimmer based in Kent read on. It’s easy to join but important you join up well before the SER and English Masters events in October 2018 (our next targeted events).