KWSS Open Youth and Age Group Meets

Age Group & Youth Fixtures:


Accepted Entries to 2nd KWSS LCQ L3 on Jan 4th & 5th at Medway Pk as of 4pm on 22nd November 2019


Errors to be reported to ASAP

SCR means scratched due to being too slow, too fast, no entry time has been submitted, or the swimmer has withdrawn. Withdrawals are not eligible for a refund unless it is for illness or injury reasons and a doctor’s note can be shown.

Kent Weald 2nd Last Chance County Qualifier L3 4th and 5th Jan 2020

2nd KWSS_Conditions QTs Programmeentry formsver3

Word Version for typing into

2nd KWSS_Conditions QTs Programmeentry formsver3

Open to Entries on Aug 12th 2019. First Come first Served.

Hy-Tek Club entries(compulsory for more than 8 swimmers) via Hy-Tek Lite

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