KWSS Masters: Purpose and Rationale

Kent Weald Swim Squad – Masters Strategy.


To bring Kent Swimmers together for relay teams at Regional, National, Europeans, and World Masters Championships.

Actions needed:

• Consider joining KWSS BEFORE you enter any: SER, National, European or World Masters events if you want to compete at highest level in relays at these events.
• For further information and details of membership contact any of:

Glen Isaacs:

Keith Roshier:

John King:

We (mostly Glen) will be able to put you in contact with like-minded Masters / potential relay team members. Here is the membership form. Complete and return to Keith or John.

BLANK KWSS Membership Form 2018 rev A


Initially £0 (NIL) to join KWSS and then £2.50 per Meet you swim a relay in for the 2019 season (that covers KWSS membership cost for the entire 2019 season).
Costs will be reviewed annually

• Camaraderie and inclusion.
• Communication between Kent Swimmers.
• Swimmers from teams who cannot put relays together, now can.
• Swimmers from teams where they are fast but the wrong age, can now have a team.

Brand Kent:
• Leveraged costs – hotels, travel, LAC 50m training, HC costs
• Competes with other ‘Open clubs’ such as Spencer & Otter

• Medal positions – Gain Regional/National/European records
• Swim to win
• Swim to compete
• Swim to include
• Decathlon
• Kent’s premier ‘club’ based on top competition results

In Scope:
• Masters swimmers 18+
• Regional, National, European, and World Masters Championships
• Eventual own gala, raising finance?

Out of scope:
• Age group / Youth swimmers
• Kent Championships
• Open galas

Key Dates (important you make contact prior to entering any of these):
• 8-10th June British Masters – Plymouth
• 3rd-5th Sept Europeans – LEN
• 6th October SER Short Course – Guildford
• 26th-28th Oct October Swim England Short Course – Sheffield

Questions answered:

• Q: What about my current Club membership?
A: To join KWSS you will need to retain your current membership of your Ranking Club and ensure your Cat2 registration is valid.

• Q: What about my rankings?
A: Your times will still go on ASA / SE rankings under the name of your existing Ranking Club even though you may have entered a Masters event under the KWSS name.

• Q: If I have entered a Masters event under my existing Club name but now want to enter under KWSS what can I do?
A: Good question. I suspect the Promoters may be the ones to ask if you can change your club name (assuming you have joined KWSS by then). Alternatively you may have to withdraw and re-enter … but you will be at their mercy if they ask you to pay again!

• Q: How are relay teams selected?
A: This is a little fluid as we / Glen can only put teams together when we know we have swimmers commitment to attend those Meets by deadlines for each Meet. The intention is simply to put the FASTEST team together we can.

• Q: What if I enter an event under the KWSS banner and then end up not being in a relay team (either as there were not 4 swimmers … or I was too slow for the team)?
A: Early dialogue (well before entry deadlines) is recommended to make sure we will have numbers for relays. However there is still a risk that you may not be in the fastest 4 for the team … sorry! [Good news is that it will not trigger the £10 membership payment!].

• Q: Will there be KWSS kit for sale … and when?
A: The plan is yes. So far we have the green T shirt tops planned (see photos of youth team in NASL on main web page… you will get noticed!) and with more kit planned!
We hope to have the basic kit available for the June Nationals at Portsmouth.

• Q: Who pays for my entries? Who actually processes the entries?
A: You will be expected to pay for your own entry fees for individual events. If selected for a relay you will be expected to pay your share of the relay entry fees as well.
Early dialogue will be essential to clarify who actually processes the entries for events. It is likely to be that you enter yourself for individual events and Glen Isaacs (or whoever he may delegate) will process relay entries.

• Q: I am not a member of a Kent Club / I do not live in Kent … can I join KWSS?
A: KWSS members have to either live in Kent or be a member of a swimming club registered with the KASA.

• Q: Where is the Membership Form?
A: It is below. Send to Keith or John. Monies will not however be due until / if you are entered into your first KWSS relay.

BLANK KWSS Membership Form 2018 rev A

Below is our club constitution. Our By Laws are reviewed regularly and if you have any specific questions do please make contact.
Constitution KentWeald SS May17