KWSS Masters

We want keen Kent Masters Swimmers!

Are there any Kent Masters Swimmers feeling a bit isolated, or wanting to be part of a group or wanting to enter as a swimmer in a relay team, including those at various Masters meets, counties, regionals or nationals? We are here for you! email We want you, and you need us! The only fee payable, is if you need to enter a relay team in the KWSS name. You don’t need to be a member of BSS or TSC! Why not give us a try!?

Here is our vision ( but, in particular, see the Masters Swimmers Section)!:

Strategy brief of KWSS:

Kent Weald S.S. was set up in Spring 2017 as an “umbrella” club with the following Associated Clubs:
• Beachfield Swimming Squad – who are based in Sheerness and train in the Sheerness / Medway areas.
• Tonbridge Swimming Club – who are based in Tonbridge and train in the Tonbridge and surrounding areas.
Tonbridge Swimming Club and Beachfield Swim Squad continue to flourish in their own names and unchanged from before but with the added benefits and opportunities offered by being formally associated with Kent Weald S.S.

Our vision:
It was identified that smaller, ambitious clubs sometimes lacked the numbers and commercial resources to achieve more success or offer the opportunities they thought their swimmers deserved. Our vision is to enable competitive swimmers of Associated Clubs to improve at all levels up to national standard (through the objectives below) without the necessity to leave their home club in search of greater pool time or other benefits, which may not be currently available to them.
Our Objectives:
We seek to use the joint resources of Associated Clubs in a better / more coordinated / joined up / commercially efficient way to plan more:
• Events
• Swim clinics
• Camps
• Pool time
• Long Course training

Further Detail:

Kent Weald S.S. will enter selected Top Tier swim events, sourcing swimmers from the Associated Clubs, and thus being able to compete at a higher level and with more success. At the moment, Top Tier events refers to only the National Arena League, but it may include Regional and National Championships in the future.
It is important, however, to understand that Kent Weald S.S. exists ultimately for the benefit of all swimmers and not just elite swimmers from each club. The intention is to offer more opportunities than exist currently to all levels of swimmers.

Masters Swimmers:

A great opportunity to be part of a sizeable team, have supplementary training (tbc) and meet new people!

Masters swimmers (18+) from Non- Associated Clubs in the local area may wish to use/take advantage of KWSS as their “named club” in Masters Events to enable them compete together and, for example, enter relay teams in Masters competitions. This is a great opportunity for keen Kent Masters swimmers to compete with their friends, new people and old adversaries as part of the same team. We may also hopefully, space permitting, offer you some pool time at BSS and TSC ( details tbc). Get to know some of your new and old friends and train together. A (very cheap) session fee will be required for this.

Masters swimmers ranking clubs must pay all Swim England membership fees.

Be part of our really friendly gang and meet new people! Contact now!

NB. Such non- Associated Club Masters Swimmers will not be eligible for KWSS National Arena League team selection unless they are members of an Associated Club (currently BSS or TSC).

Masters swimmers will be added as Dual Members of KWSS as long as they agree to pay any KWSS fees required (minimal), abide by the constitution, and the by laws of KWSS, and agree to sign the KWSS swimmer code of conduct.

Obligations of clubs being Associated with Kent Weald S.S.:

Each Associated Club is asked to approve within their own constitution or by laws to energetically and actively promote:
• more mutual opportunities to all members of Associated Clubs such as:
o allowing cross training between clubs where space allows
o offering places on clinics / LC training / camps etc… as possible
• sharing of costs and effort
• avoiding conflict